GS Panache Wind Jacket
GS Panache Wind JacketGS Panache Wind JacketGS Panache Wind Jacket

GS Panache Wind Jacket

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The GS Panache Wind Jacket is our perfect equipment solution for cool-to-cold weather by shielding your upper body from the chill. It’s a vital part of the cyclist’s wardrobe.

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Product Description

The key to staying warm on a cold ride is to stay dry and to hold on to the warmth that our bodies generate while riding. We use a light weight, pliable 3-layer fabric with a wind shielding, breathable membrane. Not only does the membrane stop wind from getting through, but it also stops your body heat from escaping, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Weight180 grams (size medium)
FabricWinterBlock™ - a minimalist 3-Layer membraned, stretch Fabric.
StitchingCover - a tight stitch for holding together Fabric for styles that require keeping in the warmth.
TaglessNo tags, no chafing, no problem.
ZipperOne-Finger Quick Action Wide pull. In the down position it is locked in place, in the up position it will open easily with a tug on the jersey. Great for quick ventilation for cold weather climbs.
GripperLong-lasting, no-crack silicone for durability.
GraphicsDigital printed using the latest ink technology, producing vibrant Graphics.
StorageTraditional three rear pockets, ample room to store tools, water bottle and grub for long rides or unsupported races.
Care InstructionsWash in cold water, hang dry and fold. Clothing will survive several spins in the drier, but it's advised to hang dry for optimal results. Wash items with velcro in a separate cycle. Velcro is the single biggest destroyer of performance cycling wear.
X Small26 - 29< 5'2"33 - 35
Small28 - 315'1" - 5'9"35 - 37
Medium30 - 345'4" - 5'11"37 - 40
Large33 - 375'6" - 6'2"40 - 42
X Large36 - 415'8" - 6'5"42 - 44
2X Large40 - 455'10" >44 - 46
3X Large44 - 505'11" >46 - 48


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